Stop Wasting Time in the Gym!

The most effective, most efficient, and safest way to build muscle, lose fat, and get fit.

QuickHIT is a cutting-edge exercise technology that has been rigorously researched and tested over the course of four years with nearly a million (and counting) exercises completed.

Exercises Completed

Safe, highly effective, and extremely efficient, this technology represents a paradigm shift in the way we think about exercise where less is truly more.

How QuickHIT™ Revolutionizes Fitness

QuickHIT Vs. Traditional Training

2.5x More Fat Loss

The proven QuickHIT protocol increases fat loss at more than twice the pace as traditional exercise, letting you see the results you want, faster.*

3.5x Greater Cardiovascular Fitness

Optimize your heart and lungs more than 3x faster than any machine you’ll find at a gym.*

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90% Greater Strength Gains

Feel stronger than you ever have after experiencing Truforce™ Technology, boosting your physical strength faster and more efficiently than you could with even the most extensive weight set.*

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72% More Time Efficient

20 minutes on the QuickHIT equipment is all it takes to work your body out to its fullest extent, making it far more efficient than traditional training.*

Boosted Energy Levels

Become more productive and focused than you’ve ever felt before on top of increased strength and cardiovascular fitness.*

2x Muscle Mass Gains

QuickHIT builds muscle mass twice as fast as traditional weights*

*Lance C. Dalleck1, Aidan M. Dalleck1, Bryant R. Byrd1Personalized, Adaptive Resistance Training is Superior to Traditional Resistance Exercise – A Randomized, Controlled Trial1High Altitude Exercise Physiology Program, Western Colorado University, Gunnison, CO, USA.

What is QuickHIT?

QuickHIT utilizes patented Robotically Controlled Resistance™ to deliver precise levels of mechanical tension during all three phases of a muscular contraction: The Concentric (Lifting), Eccentric (Lowering), and Isometric (Holding).

Our TruFORCE™ training protocol, which combines the use of cutting-edge software and artificial intelligence, allows us to offer a highly efficient workout that not only improves muscle strength and size, but also helps reduce body fat. This unique method ensures a safe and effective workout experience in a short amount of time.


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