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Robotically Controlled Resistance™

Your Session

In every session, we guide you through exercises on our medical-grade equipment that was specifically designed to match your level of strength and overall fitness without putting any additional pressure or stress on your bones, ligaments, or joints. Your certified HIT specialist will be with you every step of the way to set up each exercise and give you that extra motivational push. After a few short minutes, your muscles will reach fatigue.

Safe & Effective:

Our patented Robotically Controlled Resistance Training™ machine provides the safest and most effective way to work out. Whereas most gyms have multiple pieces of equipment for various exercises, QuickHIT offers everything you need to obtain a satisfying physiotherapy session in just 20 minutes with our single medical-grade machine. In addition to our machine, QuickHIT offers a unique experience in that you will never have to work out alongside another client or on unsanitary and neglected workout equipment.

Advanced Technology:

Using revolutionary integrated software, resistance from our biomedical machine is controlled robotically and adapts to your strength output and range of motion. The more you resist against the machine, the more the machine resists against you, thus optimizing every single session without causing overexertion.

Progress Tracking:

Data collected from your session is relayed to our computer system which then tracks your results, giving you direct real-time feedback on our overhead dashboard monitor. Our computerized tracking system allows complete customization per user, giving you a personalized QuickHIT session each and every time you come in.

No matter your age, height, weight, or current fitness level, this is the best way to get healthy and fit!

QuickHIT is the opposite of a gym, we are proud to offer 1-on-1 sessions, individual care, and a completely private and sanitary facility where you can achieve amazing results in half the time that you would spend at a gym. Gyms don’t work for many people because people don’t know how to properly use the machines, they are intimidated, they don’t have time, they have an injury keeping them from doing their best — the list goes on. We offer a safe gym alternative that actually works.

Get in touch with our HIT specialists today to learn more about QuickHIT. It’s time for a better experience. QuickHIT is here to help make your goals become your achievements.

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