The Science

Exercise Physiology: Backed by Science

At QuickHIT Fitness Labs, we use physiotherapeutic methods to give you the most effective and efficient full-body exercise possible, in just 20 minutes per session. By utilizing the research-proven exercise method of super slow High-Intensity Training (HIT) on a biomedical training machine, we are able to deliver real results in a short amount of time.


Our medical-grade machine adds resistance based on your resistance output throughout the entirety of each exercise, challenging your muscles at each point of the movement. This limits the risk of overstressing your muscles and joints which lead to injury, making QuickHIT a suitable solution for everyone, even older individuals or those who have previously struggled to work out due to fear of injury.

Our use of resistance-based training fatigues your muscles in a fraction of the time compared to several hours at the gym. Each second of your workout is being used efficiently, saving you time and helping you reach your goals faster. At QuickHIT, every session is optimized for maximum effectiveness.

The induction of rapid and deep muscle fatigue stimulates your body to get stronger. Allowing for rest and recovery is an important aspect of our training program which allows your body to process that stimuli to build new muscle and increase strength. That is why with QuickHIT you only need to exercise for 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week, as opposed to an hour, 5-6 days a week at a gym.

With QuickHIT Fitness Labs, you will get the results you desire in little time without the risk of overtraining or injury, making our methods safe, efficient, and effective.


Real-time Biofeedback

During every session, you only compete against yourself. The dial displayed on the screen provides you with real-time biofeedback on the amount of force you’re exerting. It encourages you to push yourself to your limits so you can continuously crush your personal records every time you come in for a session. It will record and display your maximal output force, average force, and how long the exercise lasted.

Body Composition Machine

You can also track and monitor your body composition by utilizing our medical-grade body composition analyzer. It uses near-infrared interactance (NIR) technology to accurately assess your body fat percentage. Since fat tissues are capable of absorbing more infrared light than lean tissue, NIR is capable of measuring it as a change in the infrared level, providing your overall body composition and lean mass analytics.

By combining a NIR, an extremely accurate scale, a sphygmomanometer (blood pressure monitor) and some scientific algorithms on one machine, we can very precisely calculate your body mass index (BMI). By having the ability to track and monitor your BMI you can see the progress you’re making over time.

The Scorecard

Both your Body Composition Analytics and Strength Training Progress can be found using our web app, allowing you to see your trending history. Seeing this data helps to motivate yourself and achieve new records.

Using the web app you can also schedule your next workout, view your meal plan, and optionally capture before and after photos. Since our app is web-based, it’s always up-to-date and syncs data from your session instantly.


The following resources provide more in-depth explanations of how super slow High-Intensity Training (HIT) works and how you can benefit from this method of strength training:

For further explanation Near-Infrared Interactance see resources below:

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