The Quiet and Scenic Community of Pine Bluff, Wisconsin

Pine Bluff is a small community located in the rural town of Cross Plains, Dane County, Wisconsin. This quiet and scenic community is about five miles west of Portage and about two miles from Prairie du Sac. The town of Pine Bluff is one of the most scenic places in entire northern Wisconsin, where you can take in all of the natural wonders of the landscape while still being just a short drive away from Lake Michigan. The town is also ideal for those who enjoy hiking, canoeing, kayaking, boating, swimming, fishing, and watching all sorts of wildlife, whether it be deer bears, birds, or even elk. Madison, WI information can be seen at this link.

Pine Bluff has many popular attractions centered around golfing; however, the community’s real draw lies within its history. There are several historical landmarks and museums located throughout the community, including the Hinkle House, which was built in 1917 by a Wausau ironworker, just a few months after World War I started. Other attractions include the restored Main Campgrounds, which serves as a tourist attraction today, featuring the architecture of generations of Pine Bluff residents. This is a great destination for you to choose to spend your vacation time if you enjoy camping. Discover facts about Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin – A Wonderful Place to Enjoy Your Vacation.

Pine Bluff, Wisconsin, offers a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. You can learn about the rich history found in the area by visiting the various historical landmarks and museums and then explore some of the attractions offered in the area. Pine Bluff has many fun things to do year-round, including hiking, canoeing, boating, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, ice skating, and even dancing during the summer season. If you enjoy taking pictures, there is no better setting than within the gorgeous Pine Bluff, Wisconsin Attractions. Whether you want to see the great outdoors and enjoy all of its amazing natural sights, or you simply want to play golf at some of the most beautiful resorts around, you will certainly find the Pine Bluff area to be an enjoyable place for you to visit.