1. Noticeably More Strength

    I have been using the QuickHit program for 6 months and have noticeably more strength throughout my body. Lifting a 50# bag of softener salt now is effortless. For less than 20 minutes, one time per week, you cannot go wrong with this program. QuickHit also offers a wide variety of supplements to compliment my busy schedule. I especially like to eat one of the convenient bars after a workout. If y…Read More

    Todd Witzke
  2. Thank you!

    I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back a few years ago. It got to the point where I had to use a walker to get around. I did physical therapy and massage therapy and had medication but it wasn't getting better. I started a new job in July 2018 and QuickHIT Fitness is on the 1st floor of the building I work in so I figured I had no excuse! I decided to try it and am amazed at the im…Read More

    Holley Holmberg
  3. Definitely Recommend!

    As a newly retired internal medicine physician, I was looking for a way to build and maintain muscular strength without spending long hours at a gym in a typical weight-training program. My own daily activities include maintaining a hobby farm that requires a fair amount of physical labor. This makes me a prime candidate for muscle/tendon injury at my retirement age. Fortunately, I learned about Q…Read More

    Stephen Pavella, MD
  4. Recommended!

    The benefits of high intensity short interval training regimens have been well documented. High intensity interval strength training has been shown to have an added benefit, that of inducing a greater release of beneficial proteins by skeletal muscle (termed cytokines or more accurately myokines). These beneficial proteins or myokines have been shown to help decrease inflammation and aid in weight…Read More

    Dr Marshall
  5. Very Knowledgeable

    Morning. I had my orientation yesterday, with Abe. He's very knowledgeable about the technology, and was a very good coach, as I was doing the exercises. I like that you work out all different sets of muscles in a short period of time, you don't sweat, and you don't exercise in front of a bunch of other people. Also, having a trainer with you at all times is a big bonus.…Read More

    Carol Liss
  6. QuickHIT is Customized

    As a busy mother, I look forward to the QuickHIT workout.  It makes me accountable to a great overall workout in a short, predictable amount of time. I’m back with my kids before they even know I am gone! As a female physician and former collegiate runner, I know the importance of a well rounded workout and proper nutrition to your overall well being.  QuickHIT has done wonders to train my cor…Read More

  7. QuickHIT is Different

    I am athletic and workout regularly, but prior to QuickHIT, I can’t say I felt “fit”.  QuickHIT is different.  It has been exceptional at keeping me fit and healthy.  Even though I travel frequently, QuickHIT app and workout keeps me on track.  The workout is quick, and you leaving feeling absolutely great.   With QuickHIT, I am fit, and I feel fit, too!…Read More