I am a person that works out regularly at the gym and does a lot of weight lifting. I came into QuickHIT and the trainer explained exactly what this experience was about. He then put me through a workout and it was the best workout I’ve had! Constant resistance to push my muscles to the limit was something I had not experienced before! The environment and workout were amazing!

Christina C – QuickHIT Cottleville


I went to the Arnold location and had an amazing experience and an even better workout. After 20 minutes I was exhausted mentally and physically and enjoyed working harder than I could push myself at the gym. The staff was very professional and inspiring. In speaking with them they a committed to helping you reach your goals and are there to help keep you accountable to yourself. I highly recommend giving them a visit and judge for yourself as my experience is certainly one I will be telling others about!

Tony P – QuickHIT Arnold


I’m an overweight, 65-year-old woman who does work out regularly, but not nearly as efficiently as QuickHIT works. I can’t wait to see how I progress! I can build my strength and keep getting stronger as I age instead of getting weaker! 20 minutes and you’re done. No need for sweatbands or a shower afterward – you’re ready to go on with your day. The trainer keeps your posture correct and ensures you’re working out safely! Try it now!

Carole M – QuickHIT White Bear Lake


First off, I am by no means a gym girl or one that enjoys working out. I’m one that gets bored at the gym…but this workout, this High-Intensity Training workout is AMAZING!! In just 20 minutes I felt as if I spent hours at the gym! After just 1 session, I am hooked…cant wait for my next session!! plus, Caleb the trainer is awesome…put up with my silly questions, and was super encouraging during the workout!! For real though, if you are thinking about joining a gym…give QuickHIT a try first!!

Bonnie S – QuickHIT Cascade


I was going to wait to give QuickHit a review until I reached my goal. However, I’m 6 weeks in, have lost close to 12 pounds, and I’ve lost almost 5% of body fat. My goal was to lose 20 pounds, & I have no doubt that I will meet this goal at the end of 12 weeks.

I was skeptical of only a 20-minute session at first. After the 1st free session, I realized that I was not even able to get to the 20-minute mark. I was too gassed! The strength I felt after that 1st session & knowing that I was to be weighed & measured each session motivated me to eat right, and to stay light/moderately active going into the next session. It has started to snowball & I can feel myself getting stronger in every session. My energy levels are 10x better than they used to be as well. I’m currently doing 2 – 20-minute sessions a week.

The team at QuickHit is top notch. They will fit me in for a session at the drop of a dime. I can’t speak highly enough of Colin! His disposition is the perfect balance of intimidation & encouragement. He can always get a few more reps out of me then I think I can do. Tanners knowledge of different movements, exercises, and stretches have really helped as well. The stretch exercises he provided me has helped with my muscle recovery.

I highly suggest QuickHit for those who are interested in getting leaner & stronger without spending hours of time in the gym per week. It’s definitely working for me!

Matt C – QuickHIT Arnold


I have been using the QuickHIT program for 6 months and have noticeably more strength throughout my body. Lifting a 50# bag of softener salt now is effortless. For less than 20 minutes, one time per week, you cannot go wrong with this program. QuickHIT also offers a wide variety of supplements to compliment my busy schedule. I especially like to eat one of the convenient bars after a workout. If you are feeling weak and lazy, this program will change the way you feel and give you motivation to continue. I highly recommend this training system for all ages. Even my 16 yr old daughters love this program. Try it and you will not want to stop.

Todd W – QuickHIT La Crosse


I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back a few years ago. It got to the point where I had to use a walker to get around. I did physical therapy and massage therapy and had medication but it wasn’t getting better. I started a new job in July 2018 and QuickHIT Fitness is on the 1st floor of the building I work in so I figured I had no excuse! I decided to try it and am amazed at the improvement to my quality of life since I started. I have never felt stronger and I don’t have lower back pain anymore! Thank you to the trainers for supporting and motivating me in my journey!

Holley H – QuickHIT La Crosse


As a newly retired internal medicine physician, I was looking for a way to build and maintain muscular strength without spending long hours at a gym in a typical weight-training program. My own daily activities include maintaining a hobby farm that requires a fair amount of physical labor. This makes me a prime candidate for muscle/tendon injury at my retirement age.

Fortunately, I learned about QuickHIT. I immediately realized that it was a different way of strength training based on the sound physiology of eccentric muscle contraction. The method allows short sessions only once weekly to build strength safely with only a 20-minute workout. A personal trainer guides each exercise. This is very convenient for any busy individual!

In my own case, I began workouts in January 2018 and within a month noted a definite improvement in my physical strength. I have been able to do the strenuous activity on my farm without injury, most certainly due to the advances I have made with the QuickHIT method. I would definitely recommend QuickHIT to anyone who desires to build and maintain strength.

Stephen Pavela, MD – QuickHIT Onalaska


The benefits of high intensity short interval training regimens have been well documented. High intensity interval strength training has been shown to have an added benefit, that of inducing a greater release of beneficial proteins by skeletal muscle (termed cytokines or more accurately myokines). These beneficial proteins or myokines have been shown to help decrease inflammation and aid in weight loss by increasing fat metabolism. The most effective program for lifelong fitness, weight management and improved sense of well-being would include high intensity short interval strength training with a sensible/palatable diet and light aerobics for cardiovascular health. The major obstacles that I have seen in over 22 years of medical practice in getting patients to exercise regularly and eat sensibly are time constraints and ready access to sensible meal plans and motivation to implement them. The Quick-Hit program solves these problems by providing a scientifically proven 15 minute once per week intensive strength training program and enrolls its members in a nutritional application tutorial which provides easy, quick and nutritious recipes along with the motivation and confidence to pursue healthy nutrition.

One of the problems with strength training is the frequency with which participants are injured in the process of strength training. This occurs almost equally with weight machine and free weight training as it does with body weight training exercises. This in addition to the time commitments for these training methods results in a high rate of drop out by their participants. The Quick-Hit machine is revolutionary in its design and this coupled with a dedicated professional trainer who coaches participants through the exercises virtually eliminates these issues. The Quick-Hit machine works each muscle group through a full range of the muscle’s motion with the smoothest resistance I have experienced compared to the full gamut of other strength training equipment and methods. The smooth resistance enables maximum muscle training while virtually eliminating injury and it does this with optimum effectiveness in just 15 minutes per week!

Rarely in my personal and professional life have I made unqualified recommendations for anything, but having tried this program for three months I am very comfortable commending the program to persons of all age groups without qualification or reservation.

Dr Angus Marshall – QuickHIT Cottleville


As a busy mother, I look forward to the QuickHIT workout.  It makes me accountable to a great overall workout in a short, predictable amount of time. I’m back with my kids before they even know I am gone!

As a female physician and former collegiate runner, I know the importance of a well rounded workout and proper nutrition to your overall well being.  QuickHIT has done wonders to train my core muscle groups that I don’t get by running or other types of workouts.  What is great is that QuickHIT is customized for people at any ability or any age.  It is perfect for young athletes to older people in order to maintain strength and muscle balance.

Jennifer A – QuickHIT Onalaska

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