As a newly retired internal medicine physician, I was looking for a way to build and maintain muscular strength without spending long hours at a gym in a typical weight-training program. My own daily activities include maintaining a hobby farm that requires a fair amount of physical labor. This makes me a prime candidate for muscle/tendon injury at my retirement age.

Fortunately, I learned about QuickHIT. I immediately realized that it was a different way of strength training based on the sound physiology of eccentric muscle contraction. The method allows short sessions only once weekly to build strength safely with only a 20-minute workout. A personal trainer guides each exercise. This is very convenient for any busy individual!

In my own case, I began workouts in January 2018 and within a month noted a definite improvement in my physical strength. I have been able to do the strenuous activity on my farm without injury, most certainly due to the advances I have made with the QuickHIT method. I would definitely recommend QuickHIT to anyone who desires to build and maintain strength.

Stephen Pavela, MD - QuickHIT Onalaska