Take a Break and Relax at Allen Centennial Gardens in Madison, WI

The Allen Centennial Garden is an outdoor public garden in Madison, Wisconsin. The grounds include the Agricultural Building, the former residence of the first four regents of the college. The gardens enhance natural landscapes, interpret human history, and inspire an appreciation for the botanical and horticultural fields. Learn more here.

The gardens in Madison, Wisconsin, are designed for the whole family, with playgrounds, arbors, walkways, picnic areas, pavilions, gardens, and paths to encourage nature enjoyment. It is possible to obtain a self-guided tour around the entire garden area. Children will enjoy taking a stroll through the beautiful gardens, while adults will find the gardens exciting and informative. The Allen Centennial Garden has developed over the years to become one of Wisconsin’s premier landscapes. In its history, the garden has played a large role in enhancing the university’s athletic department and creating an outdoor laboratory for the College of Science. The garden also hosts annual events such as the centennial celebration, the Bicentennial Tour, and the Rose Bowl Classic. In addition to these larger events, a garden is where students can take a break from studying and relax with friends and family. Learn more about The Majestic Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison.

Allen Centennial Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin, was created due to an experiment undertaken by botanist Allen T. Allen. As a result of his research, Allen realized that most plants’ lack of sunlight would cause many of them to fail. Allen then developed a plan to establish the garden to provide the plants’ necessary light and water. It led to the creation of what we know today as the Allen Centennial Garden. A wide variety of flowers ranging from annuals to perennials. Horticulturists carefully watch the plants’ growth patterns to provide the best foliage for the garden at any given time. If you are looking for a hobby that can help you relax and have fun, gardening may be an option for you.