1. Helpful Tips For Easier Meal Planning, Part 2

    Proper nutrition is just as important as exercise when it comes to achieving your desired fitness results. And with our busy lives, finding time to go to the gym is challenging enough, and adding grocery shopping and meal preparation to the list does not make the endeavor any easier.  Helpful Tips …Read More

  2. Helpful Tips For Easier Meal Planning

    Proper nutrition is an essential part of your workout routine and meeting your fitness goals. If you’re not eating right, you’re likely not going to see the results you expected, or at the very least, achieving those results will not come as easy. If you are following a consistent workout routin…Read More

  3. How You Can Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

    When most people have the goal of trying to lose weight, what they really are trying to do is to lose fat. The issue, however, is that losing fat requires not losing muscle. Losing fat without losing muscle seems to be a major challenge for many dieters. But, when trying to lose weight, it is import…Read More

  4. Why Nutrition Is An Essential Part of Fitness

    Regularly exercising has a significant contribution to feeling healthy and supporting a lifetime of well-being, strength, and happiness. However, exercise is only a single part of fitness. While regular exercise is important, according to research, nutrition has the most significant impact on our fi…Read More

  5. How Exercise Promotes Healthy Aging In Older Adults

    We all know the importance of physical activity. However, as we age, our bodies experience physical changes that can make it more challenging to stay physically active. In fact, studies show that by the time aging adults reach their forties, their muscle mass will decrease by three to five percent o…Read More

  6. Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

    One of the biggest reasons why people make the choice to begin exercising is due to weight loss. However, many people go into their exercises with the idea that the results will come quickly as long as they follow a regular workout routine. This is not the case, though. Weight loss is a process — …Read More

  7. Benefits of One-On-One Workouts With A Personal Trainer

    No matter your age or current fitness level, working with a personal trainer can benefit anyone.  From helping you reach your fitness goals to figuring out how to safely exercise with a chronic condition, one-on-one workouts with a personal trainer can help you overcome your obstacles and take your…Read More

  8. Why You Should Breakup with Your Cardio Workout

    We hear the same trope time and time again — you need to do cardio, and lots of it, to burn those calories and drop excess pounds. If you’re into strength training and weight lifting, you probably know by now that overdoing cardio, especially running, isn’t the best way to get fit and lose wei…Read More

  9. The QuickHIT 20 Minute Workout

    Did you know that you can achieve your fitness goals in only 20 minutes a week? Our science-based QuickHIT high-intensity training method is proven to help our clients look and feel amazing in just 20 minutes a week. Here’s how it works: The primary goal of any workout is to fatigue the muscles in…Read More