Six Weeks In...

I was going to wait to give QuickHIT a review until I reached my goal. However, I’m 6 weeks in, have lost close to 12 pounds, and I’ve lost almost 5% of body fat. My goal was to lose 20 pounds, & I have no doubt that I will meet this goal at the end of 12 weeks.

I was skeptical of only a 20-minute session at first. After the 1st free session, I realized that I was not even able to get to the 20-minute mark. I was too gassed! The strength I felt after that 1st session & knowing that I was to be weighed & measured each session motivated me to eat right, and to stay light/moderately active going into the next session. It has started to snowball & I can feel myself getting stronger in every session. My energy levels are 10x better than they used to be as well. I’m currently doing 2 – 20-minute sessions a week.

The team at QuickHit is top notch. They will fit me in for a session at the drop of a dime. I can’t speak highly enough of Colin! His disposition is the perfect balance of intimidation & encouragement. He can always get a few more reps out of me then I think I can do. Tanners knowledge of different movements, exercises, and stretches have really helped as well. The stretch exercises he provided me has helped with my muscle recovery.

I highly suggest QuickHit for those who are interested in getting leaner & stronger without spending hours of time in the gym per week. It’s definitely working for me!

Matt C – QuickHIT Arnold

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