Picnic Point in Madison, WI: A place for relaxation and great views

Picnic Point is the perfect place for a picnic or just to relax and enjoy the scenery. Picnic Point in Madison, WI, offers both great views of Lake Monona and fun activities, including hiking trails and playing fields. Picnic Point offers four miles of trails winding through forested hillsides overlooking Lake Monona. There are also several basketball courts on-site that are available for public use at no cost. Information can be found here.

Picnic Point in Madison, WI, features an observation tower with elevators nearby that take visitors up to see panoramic views of beautiful Lake Monona from 100 feet above ground level. The entire area has been designed specifically to conserve water as well as keep out nonnative species such as the kudzu vine, which can quickly overtake native vegetation. Picnic Point also has a variety of native species such as the pawpaw tree and river birch that are vital to maintaining healthy ecosystems. See here for information about Explore Nature Outside of the City: Owen Conservation Park in Madison, WI.

The Picnic Point Conservancy in Madison, WI is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Picnic Point for future generations, promoting environmental awareness in their community through education and stewardship programs, and providing picnic areas with scenic views of Lake Monona. Where families in Madison, WI can spend time together outdoors!