Our Story

Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry

My name is Patrick Ilfrey, I am an entrepeneur and the inventor of QuickHIT Fitness Labs. I had always been in decent shape growing up… but my body really started to go downhill once I hit the age of 30 and began packing on pounds.

Not only was I obese and self-conscious, I was also busy raising 4 little kids and running my own business for over 10 years until I had enough!  

This is where my 6 year fitness JOURNEY began.

I’m 6 feet tall and, at the time, I was 230 pounds with a massive 42” waist.  I will not even mention how bad my blood work was and I was only 40 years old.  

During this 6 year struggle, I tried EVERYTHING from spinning 5 days a week for an hour to aerobic cardio routines 6 days a week for at least 45 minutes. 

After 2 years of determination, I fought my way down 20 more lbs and to a 38” waist.  

At this point I made the best decision I could of made for me, my family, and my health: I quit drinking cold turkey.  This one change combined with the TORTUROUS routine of spinning and cardio helped me get down 10lbs and 2 more inches by year 4.  

This is where the story will start to make sense…

Once I hit the 190lb mark, I was feeling pretty good with myself and thinking I have made great strides. That is, until I made a visit to the famed Mayo Clinic for an executive physical where I had a Body Composition analysis run by the Cardiology department.  

It was during the appointment with the Cardiologist reviewing the results where the seed of QuickHIT Fitness Labs was planted deep within my brain.

The results of the Body Composition scan were not GOOD!  I still had 29% body fat which is considered borderline OBESE.  I was shocked and told the doctor how much I sweat and toil doing cardio and spinning at least 6 hours a week!  

He, being a very straightforward Mayo Clinic doctor, said you need to start doing resistance weight training to maintain and build lean muscle since all the cardio was just eating my muscle away.  

First off, I have not lifted a weight since my college days, and a lot had changed since then.

My first thought is: “Who can I find to spot me now?”  

I figured that I would need a personal trainer to work out with me at least 4-5 days a week so that I could achieve results. My business at the time was doing well, so I bit the bullet and got the $500 weekly package with a personal trainer at the local gym.

HUGE mistake!  It did not take long to realize that we spent most of our precious time talking…

He would have me warm up on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes walking with mild sprinting while we talked about football.  Then, we would meander over to whatever machine was not currently being used by another gym customer talking on their cell phone while they tied up the machine. Once we found an open machine he would have me perform the same 3 sets of 10 rep routine that I used to do as a teenager!  

So, with all the advances in science in the last 50 years, I guessed weightlifting had been perfected with the 3 sets of 10 reps routine? After calculating that 80% of my time with my trainer was either spent talking, resting, or warming up, I decided to part ways with him after a short month.

That’s when I miraculously came across a Facebook ad for FREE training! The ad boasted a totally FREE 6 week group class. I was elated and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me!

I booked the time to go to the gym to claim my FREE challenge. The only issue was, it wasn’t really free! They asked for a $600 deposit and if I made it to every workout, followed their meal plan, AND lost 20lbs in six weeks, I would get my money back.  Even though I felt MISLEAD and knew it was impossible (and unsafe!) to lose 20lbs in six weeks, I took the challenge so I could lift some weights like a cool powerlifter.  

All I can say is that being crammed into a small warehouse with 35 strangers performing unsupervised, advanced workout routines is an amazing way to injure your back and shoulders.  

I struggled for the six weeks and tore myself apart, but I did manage to lose 4lbs, which I attribute to them making me aware to actually watch what I eat. I was still 16lbs away from the getting my challenge for free when I realized that I am no longer the young buck I dreamed I was… 

I packed up my workout gear and headed into seclusion in my house with a workout video featuring a chiseled instructor promising muscle growth and better cardio if I participated in a 90 minute workout for 6 days a week. 

I was doing all the workouts and eating very well and this helped me shed 4 more pounds in a month.  I will admit that getting up at 5am almost everyday to do the hour and a half workout was exhausting, but I kept it up! 

That is until TRAGEDY struck in the form of one simple squat jump on a beautiful Sunday morning.  Due to my highly compromised back from doing Olympic-style training at the gym, this simple squat jump brought me to my knees in crippling pain.  

I crawled along the floor covered in sweat to the shower because I knew once I’d lay down in bed, I was going to be there for days.  I cannot begin to describe how beautiful summer days are in Wisconsin and how precious they are since the winters can be challenging.  I promise you that when you are laid up in bed with the sun shining through the window, and you watch your family leaving to go to church without you, it’s a very sad feeling.  I almost felt as low as I did when I was much FATTER because I had worked my tail off and done everything the experts say to do in terms of working out and here I am: HURT!  

After day 1 of lying on my backside, I went from depressed to angry and determined to find a better way to achieve my goals in terms of health and fitness, without WASTING all my time and tearing myself up in the process.  I picked up my laptop and started to Google anything and everything related to resistance training.  I learned very quickly there are millions of experts with millions of opinions, but I kept digging and searching until I believe God lead me down the path of High Intensity Training (HIT) which is not to be confused with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) (A cardio workout). HIT training is a method of resistance training that is a slow controlled way to lift and lower the weight with the focus being on maximizing the lowering portion of the movement, utilizing one set to failure.  

Most bodybuilders trained this way into the early 70’s until steroids took over the scene allowing them to recover faster and train with more reps on more days. Since all the bodybuilder magazines featured big dudes on steroids and highlighted their workout routines the 3 sets of 10 reps, 3-4 days a week became the standard for the weightlifting industry and the HIT routines faded into the darkness.   

One man, Dr. Doug McGuff, began to shed light on the HIT style of training about 10 years ago and his book, “Body by Science”, gave me the scientific reasoning that I needed to invent the SAFEST, most EFFECTIVE, and most EFFICIENT Robotically Controlled Resistance™ workout machine in the world!  

I read “Body by Science” on day 2 of my injury. By day 3, I had envisioned taking his HIT workout principles and using robotics to control the resistance instead of gravity to perfectly match the strength curve in both the eccentric and concentric range of motion in any human subject.  This led me to my next idea: since the resistance is robotically controlled, we can accurately measure the amount of force that is generated AND we can display that during the workout allowing for a true biofeedback experience.  

By day 4, even though my back still hurt, I was so excited to test out my theory that I got out of bed and started to assemble the pieces to test it out.  After a trip to the local hardware store for various parts, I began to construct QuickHIT 1.0 and thankfully: it worked!

Now, it was time to put my providential plan into action and gather up a team to help my dream come true.  Shockingly, I convinced Jeff, a computer genius, to leave his great paying corporate job to lead up all the technical innovation and programming. Then, we found one of the top robotic engineers in the world from Europe to build the all important drive unit.  Within 3 months from inception, we had our first prototype ready to PUMP US UP and boy, did it work! 

I was able to get down to 175lbs only working out two days a week for ONLY 20 minutes doing zero cardio and using the QuickHIT Diet app to watch what I ate. I feel as strong as I did when I was 20, and my waist size is the same at 32”. My body fat is also at a respectable 17%.

I know exactly what my body composition is because we have a patented kiosk in each QuickHIT facility that measures you every time you come to workout and loads into your user profile on your app along with your workout data (thanks Jeff!).  We started to invite others to use our machine and work through all the bugs to get the machine ready for primetime and they all saw significant increases in strength and those that wanted to see major improvements in body shape did so utilizing the QuickHIT Diet app.  

After hundreds of successful workouts we were ready to LAUNCH our innovation and complete my fitness journey by allowing me to help all those women, men, and children seeking to experience the safest, most effective, most efficient workout.  I promise the QuickHIT experience will provide you all the tools you need to succeed, no matter what your goals are.  Our exclusive QuickHIT Fitness Labs Studio allows for you to have your very own private ONE-on-ONE  workout with our certified coach on our patented equipment.  Each 20-minute session provides ample time to do your full body workout and log in your body composition on our kiosk.  I am saving over 5 hours a week that I used to WASTE exercising and I look and feel GREAT: give it a try and I promise that you will never look back.

Yours in Lifelong Health,

Patrick Ilfrey