Madison Children’s Museum in Wisconsin – Making the Most of Your Kid’s Time

The Madison Children’s Museum in Wisconsin is an excellent destination for children of all ages. This family-oriented museum features interactive exhibits and themed evenings. In addition to the live presentations, the museum has onsite displays during the day or one of the several nights that the museum has organized tours. One popular feature of the museum is the Sculpture Garden designed to look like a lush green meadow. In this garden, you will see many different garden sculptures, including an abstract bronze sculpture of a mother bird and a sculpture of two little kittens holding hands. Further facts about Madison, WI can be found here.

The Madison Children’s Museum in Wisconsin also serves as the location for the annual Spring Arts Festival. Several musical acts perform during this two-day event. After the morning free concert, the festival in the evening at the Adler Planetarium in downtown Madison. The festival encourages young children to explore the natural world around them and understand how we use it. In addition to the musical performances, there are also theatrical presentations and nature programs in the evening. In Wisconsin, the Madison Children’s Museum has a very interactive and fun program called “Word of Mouth,” where you can leave your name, contact information, and a short message to receive advice or even an item for free. Kids can also join in on conversations with other kids in the area and use the messaging system to make friends. Madison residents and visitors participate in this fun program where they can let others know about the beautiful things they’ve learned at the museum. Word of Mouth has become such an enormous hit with the community that many local businesses have also started using it as a promotional tool. Information about What You Should Know Before Going to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin can be found here. 

One of the highlights of this museum is the Looney Tunes exhibit. This seven-minute film shows us Bugs Bunny’s funny side and provides a lot of fun information about his life. TheBunny displays where you will get a close up to look at Bugs Bunny’s mischievousness and other aspects of his character. Other shows include the Space Shuttle and the Enterprise, plus many other rare items. In addition to these attractions, the museum also features numerous nature displays, including a 50-foot tall Ferris wheel and an observation tower.