South County, MO

Regional Director Of Operations: Frank Ochoa

Hi my name is Frank Ochoa and I am a 42 year old father of 3. I have played sports all my life and had a gym membership my entire adult life. 3 years ago I was playing soccer 3 nights a week and injured my lower back. This lead to a blown out L4 and L5 that caused spinal stenosis and almost paralyzed the lower half of my body. I had a spinal bone fusion surgery and had to have both disks removed. I was unable to exercise for 18 months. Once I was released to exercise I eased my way back into the gym but now I was over 40 and all of the cards were stacked against me. I had ballooned up to 225 pounds which at 5’6″ is considered OBESE! I went through all of the standard methods to begin trying to lose the weight. Crash diets, cardio, weight training, home workouts…Only to be the equivalence of a hamster on a wheel going NOWHERE! I started to do some research about fitness for men over 40 and by the grace of GOD I was introduced to QuickHIT. I tried 2 workouts and was immediately hooked. I fell in love with the company and concept so much that I now work here! I am on my health and wellness journey and I want to help as many people get off of the hamster wheel as possible, while keeping them safe from injury. I cannot wait to see YOUR RESULTS!!!

High-Intensity Training Specialist: Matt Moran

I am 23 years old and originally from Perryville, MO. I’m a recent 2019 graduate from McKendree University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Sports Performance with a Minor in Sports Psychology to become a Personal Trainer. I played 4 years of Collegiate Soccer; 1 Year at Jefferson College at the NJCAA Division I Level and 3 Years at McKendree University at the NCAA Division II Level where I was named captain for both teams. I also played a year of Semi-Professional Soccer in St. Louis that was apart of the NPSL. I graduated from McKendree University with Academic Honors with being named on the Dean’s and President’s List, along with being apart of the National Academic Honors Society “Phi Thetta Kappa” during my time in college.

I am certified as a High-Intensity Training Specialist through HITuni and QuickHIT University, certified as a Fitness Nutritionist Specialist through NASM and am also certified in Basic Life Support and CPR through Red Cross. I have previous work/training experience through The Grind Fitness and Sports Performance Center, along with work/training experience through the Fitness Center at McKendree University. I have also had my own private personal training and nutritional practice for the past few years where I have been able to positively affect the lives of some really great people with my knowledge and services. Training and Nutrition have always been a hobby of mine but personally helping people through Training and Nutrition, is my passion.