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Corporate Wellness Programs

A full gym with one piece of equipment.

QuickHIT’s patented technology uses a unique method of movement called Robotically-Controlled Resistance which has been refined and perfected through extensive data collected from our Labs. This technology allows for full-body workouts in just 20 minutes on a single piece of equipment.

By providing your employees with access to QuickHIT’s Wellness Program (on-site QuickHIT machine, Nutritional Guidance, and Personalized Accountability) you can help them achieve their health goals in a time-efficient, effective, and safe manner.

Why have a Corporate Wellness Program?

For employees, a corporate wellness program can help to improve overall physical and mental health, reduce stress and improve productivity. It can also provide opportunities for employees to form relationships and build a sense of community within the workplace. People love sharing their progress, and with QuickHIT’s detailed stat-tracking it is easier than ever to chart a clear path to their goals.

For a company, a corporate wellness program can lead to reduced healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism and increased productivity while improving the company’s overall culture, and attracting and retaining top talent. As a company, you have access to a top-down view of the data stream stemming from your Wellness Program to ensure the everything stays on track and the equipment is being utilized efficiently and regularly. 

The Three Necessary Pillars of a Successful Wellness Program

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Replace the need for a gym with a single piece of equipment. With an on-site QuickHIT Pinnacle machine, your company will have instant-access to the most effective workout on the planet. 20 minutes of Robotically-Controlled Resistance™ is enough. 

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QuickHIT provides personalized support to help your employees achieve their wellness goals, including 1-on-1 consultations, customized meal plans, and hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes to complement their workouts and optimize their nutrition. By following our guidance on diet and nutrition, your employees can maximize the results of their efforts and get the most out of their meals.

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The hardest part of any Fitness Program is staying on track, which is why QuickHIT offers your employees personalized accountability and detailed stat tracking on every Robotically-Controlled Resistance™ workout to make their progress smoother and their goals even more attainable.

Guaranteed Benefits for Your Employees

Increased Functional Ability

Improve your ability to deal with the stresses, strains, and demands of everyday life.

Improved Energy Levels

Become more productive and focused. You’ll enjoy living to a greater degree, knowing you have plenty of energy in the tank for people and activities that you love.

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

Optimize your heart and lungs’ ability to function and provide your body with the oxygen it needs.

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Time Effecient

Stop wasting hours in the gym. Get all the functional benefits of a healthy lifestyle without it taking up  your entire life. 20 Minutes is all it takes to feel amazing.

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Boosted Strength Gains

Just 20 minutes, 2-3x a week is guarenteed to build more muscle, faster, than any traditional exercise equipment on the market.

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Increased Weight Loss

Sessions on the Apex build strength and boost cardio, but they also shred any unwanted pounds and inches off your waist.

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