High-Intensity Training Explained

In the fitness world, you may have noticed that acronyms get thrown around like medicine balls. HIT fitness, HIIT, RUM, TUT, the list goes on and on. We’d like to take the time to pull back from the catchy, quippy shorthand of HIT fitness and clearly, concisely explain what it is and how it works. Hopefully this will give you a clearer understanding of the methodology and science that is utilized every day at QuickHIT Fitness Labs to get you on the path to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. 

How Did HIT Start?

High-intensity training is a fitness method that was first popularized over 40 years ago by a strength trainer named Arthur Jones, the man who would go on to found the fitness equipment company “Nautilus.” It was determined that through a specific way of strength training, you could maximize the potential for muscle contraction. Rather than spending extended periods of time sweating away at the gym, day after day, high-intensity training focuses on concentrated, focused effort to push your muscles to their natural limit. It is essentially the fitness equivalent of quality over quantity. 

In the most basic terms, the fundamental theory behind HIT is that your workouts should be brief, relatively infrequent, and intense. What you will come to find is that when your body and muscles adapt to being pushed to their limits, your ability to accommodate more weight and resistance increases over time. 

Because this method is intense, it is actually very healthy to take proper recovery time between workout sessions. HIT fitness pushes your muscles to the point of momentary failure, after which, your body heals and recovers, and is able to withstand greater intensity. This aspect of high-intensity training is appealing, especially with individuals who have a busy schedule, or have special needs and conditions that prevent them from participating in more mainstream fitness activities. 

What is Super Slow Training?

The Super Slow training method is a branch of high-intensity training that we utilize in a very unique way at QuickHIT Fitness Labs. The general idea of Super Slow training is maximizing muscle contraction by slowing down the rate at which repeated weights are lifted or resistance is experienced. The idea is to minimize the typical acceleration you see in other workouts, reducing the amount of force that your body experiences, while encouraging muscle growth. While the word “slow” is included in the training method, the results can be anything but. This concentrated fitness method can produce noticeable effects in a very short amount of time.

Taking Super Slow HIT Fitness Further

QuickHIT International uses the methods of these fitness techniques and applies them to scientific mechanisms, further enhancing the processes capabilities. Rather than lifting or resisting traditional weights, QuickHIT Fitness Labs uses patent-pending computer-controlled equipment. This state-of-the-art technology can add resistance output throughout the entirety of your exercise, challenging specific muscle groups at each point of movement. The process we employ significantly reduces the risk of overstressing muscles or joints to the point of injury. Because of this technological advantage, individuals who may be suffering from conditions like osteoporosis can work out safely and effectively. The best part? Each workout session lasts only 20 minutes and can be done as little as twice a week. 

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Hopefully, QuickHIT Fitness Labs has been able to make it clear what HIT fitness is and how it differs from other techniques, like HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or Crossfit. Schedule your free consultation with one of our HIT experts today, and let us answer any additional questions you may have about who we are, the technology we use, and how we can help you achieve the healthier lifestyle you’ve always wanted.