Proper nutrition is an essential part of your workout routine and meeting your fitness goals. If you’re not eating right, you’re likely not going to see the results you expected, or at the very least, achieving those results will not come as easy. If you are following a consistent workout routine, you probably have the intention of eating healthy, home-cooked protein- and veggie-packed meals. But then, reality happens and the next thing you know your ordering a pizza on your way home or polishing off a bag of chips for dinner because your fridge is empty. 

Helpful Tips For Easier Meal Planning

Work and other commitments make it difficult enough to find the time to workout, let alone prepare and cook healthy meals — that is the real challenge. Luckily, all it takes is a few simple meal planning strategies to begin cooking healthy food to accommodate your fitness efforts. In this blog, we are going to share some helpful tips to get you started with healthy, easy meal planning. 

Tip #1: Set Your Goals

The foundation of your meal plan should be built off of your nutritional needs. So before you start searching google for great meal planning recipes, do a quick assessment of your fitness goals. Are you trying to lose weight or build muscle? What do you need to eat more of? What do you need to eat less of? Do you have a specific calorie count targeted? What foods are best for you? These are just a few examples of the questions you should be considering before diving into a meal planning endeavor. If you are serious about meal planning, it is important to find out what foods are right for your body. When you eat the right foods, your body’s fuel requirements are properly met and hunger and cravings will be less common. Eating the right foods will help improve energy, mood, mental function, and well-being. And when that happens, following a meal plan is much easier!

Tip #2: Create A Master Plan

Once you set your goals and figure out what foods you need to be eating, you can start creating a master list of recipes. Having a go-to list of recipes will save you from mindlessly searching Google or combing through cookbooks every week in order to find something different than what was on last week’s menu. There are tons of organizational tools you can use for saving meal planning recipes, from phone apps and Pinterest to Excel spreadsheets and the good ole’ fashioned recipe box. Whenever you come across a recipe you like, add it to your master collection! Each week, find a new recipe and add the needed ingredients to your shopping list. Keep in mind, when planning your meals for the week, it’s okay to leave some flexibility. Some people utilize school cafeteria-style calendars as an organizational system and schedule every last snack in advance — but it’s also okay to stock up on healthy staples and wing it from time to time. 

Tip #3: Shop Strategically 

When you have some recipes picked out for the week, it’s time to head to the grocery store to get everything you need. Your grocery list should include the required ingredients for each recipe as well as any of your favorite healthy foods. Stocking up on nutritious favorites lie fresh fruit and vegetables, different types of protein, peanut butter, nuts, and a variety of seasons will give you the essentials you need to create a healthy and delicious meal!

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