Staying active is important for anyone, regardless of age. However, as people get older, it can become more difficult to be as active as needed in order to live a healthy lifestyle. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, 28% of the population over the age of 50 are physically inactive — an unfortunate statistic considering that four of the five most limiting chronic health conditions can be managed or prevented with exercise. 

The Golden Years may not be so golden if there is not any physical activity involved. As we age, the ligaments surrounding the joints lose elasticity, which leads to pain and stiffness, heart muscles and arteries become stiffer, and an increased risk of weight gain since the body starts to metabolize food slower.

Fitness for Seniors Is Easier at QuickHIT Fitness 

Many aging adults are hesitant about working out because they are worried about getting hurt, which of course is a valid concern. However, exercise is meant to improve your health, not cause injuries. At QuickHIT Fitness Labs, we believe that everyone — no matter their age — should be able to get the exercise they need without having to spend hours at the gym. Thanks to our Robotically Controlled Resistance Training™ exercise machine, working out is not only effective but also safe for aging adults and seniors. Let’s take a look at why our personalized workouts are perfect for seniors.

Reduced Stress on Bones, Joints & Ligaments

As bone density decreases and the ligaments surrounding the joints lose elasticity as we age, the risk of overstressing your muscles and joints increases. Our innovative exercise equipment was specifically designed to match your level of strength and overall fitness without putting any additional pressure or stress on your bones, ligaments, or joints.

Slowed Controlled Movements

At QuickHIT, we utilize the research-proven exercise method of super slow High-Intensity Training (HIT). The slow, controlled movements of our workouts not only reduce the risk of injury, but they also fatigue your muscles in a fraction of the time compared to several hours at the gym. 

Full-Body Workout

Even though our workouts are only 20 minutes, the resistance and movements are designed to hit every muscle group in that short amount of time. By pushing all of your muscles to exhaustion — known as momentary muscular fatigue — our workouts provide people of all ages with an effective, personalized workout.

Visit a QuickHIT Fitness Lab Near You!

For seniors, exercising alone at home becomes more dangerous and spending hours at a senior gym may not be as effective as the workout that they could receive at QuickHIT Fitness Lab. Our workouts help people of all ages, including aging adults and seniors, get the safe and effective workout they need to stay healthy, strong, and fit. To find a QuickHIT Fitness location near you, click here. To learn more about how our 20-minute workouts, one-on-one coaching, and nutritional guidance can lead you to a healthier lifestyle, contact us today!