Many people believe that in order to achieve your fitness goals, you need to spend at least five to six hours in the gym every week.

But, this exercise myth sets an unattainable goal for most people, which can cause you to get frustrated and give up, totally derailing your fitness efforts. Realistically, most people do not have that kind of extra time, or energy, to devote to the gym.

The good news is that you can get fit, healthy, and improve your body composition in way less time than you think. In fact, you can reach your fitness goals by spending only 20 minutes in the gym once or twice a week. You just need to do the right kind of workout.

QuickHIT Fitness Labs’ high-intensity training is different than your average gym workout and can help you get fit in a fraction of the time. Here are just a few of the reasons why a 20-minute workout at QuickHIT Fitness Labs is so effective:

We Take Out the Momentum Factor

Think about your normal weight lifting session. Though your muscles are definitely involved in each set, you also get a little bit of a boost from momentum, particularly if you’re going through the movements quickly. This may feel good in the moment, especially when you’re starting to get fatigued, but it actually makes your workout significantly less effective.

During a high-intensity training session at QuickHIT Fitness Labs, your personal trainer will guide you through each set very slowly. This may sound counterintuitive — so many popular workouts want you to move as quickly as possible. But moving slowly as you strength train actually gives you a better workout, because you have no momentum to assist you. This means you’re working harder, and you fatigue your muscles faster, which allows you to have a very effective workout in a fraction of the time of a normal gym session.

When you start high-intensity training, you’ll notice how much momentum actually helps you during a normal workout (which isn’t a good thing if you want to get stronger). You isolate, target, and activate the muscles much more than when you are quickly completing movements. If you aren’t practicing super-slow training, you are not working your muscles nearly as hard as you could be. You might miss the momentum assist during your workout, but when you see how quickly your body composition starts to change, you’ll be glad it’s gone.

We Use Top-of-the-Line Equipment

At QuickHIT Fitness Labs, we use top-of-the-line equipment that engages your muscles at all points during the movement. Most gym machines focus on only pushing or pulling, but with us, your muscles will be activated in both directions, through the entire range of motion.

Again, this leads to a much more efficient workout. You’re not wasting any time on movements that do not activate your targeted muscles. Plus, since you are moving slowly, your engaged muscles are working harder at all points during the exercise.

Our machines rely on the force that comes from you, meaning they’re much safer than traditional exercise equipment. The force from the machine is directly proportional to your strength, so not only are you less likely to be injured, but you know that your workouts will become more challenging as you get stronger. It’s a win-win.

We Help Members Stay Healthy at Any Age

One of the only downsides of working out is the potential for injury. Whether you prefer going on runs or lifting weights in the gym, the risk of accidents or overextending yourself is definitely a real risk, and it only gets more serious as we age.

But high-intensity training is much safer than your average workout, especially at QuickHIT Fitness Labs, where you personal, one-on-one training with a certified coach and use our equipment that meets you where you are.

Our workouts are also ideal for building or maintaining bone density. In general, exercises that challenge your muscles and the underlying bones are the way to go if you want strong, healthy bones. But isometric exercises, which focus on resistance, are ideal for older adults who already have osteoporosis or may be at risk of developing the condition. Our resistance-focused machines not only help you get strong but are great for helping people of all ages build and preserve bone density.

If you’re skeptical that you can reap all of these benefits with such a short workout, you’re not alone. But after trying a session at QuickHIT Fitness Labs, you’ll see how our high-intensity training method helps you reach your goals with a minimal time commitment. Schedule your session with QuickHIT Fitness Labs online to start getting healthy in less than an hour each week.