We are excited to share with you the launch of our new program, BACK IN ACTION. This comprehensive 24-week program has been created for those suffering from low back pain. Created by one of our certified QuickHIT trainers, who is a physical therapist by trade, this program includes over 100 different exercises specifically chosen to strengthen your back. The program is broken into three levels depending on the severity of low back pain and difficulty of exercises. Some of these exercises require a foam roller and a swiss ball, which you can purchase through our Amazon store with the links provided below.

At QuickHIT Fitness Lab we are here for you. If you or someone you know suffers from low back pain come see us at a location near you. With our new program, we will help you get off the couch and onto your feet so that you can get BACK IN ACTION!

Purchase your foam roller and swiss ball through the Amazon links below:

Foam Roller

Swiss Ball – 55 cm (Black)

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