Aging is not only about the changes in the appearance of our skin and bodies. The human body does not only age on the exterior but in the interior as well. Aging skin is a sign that the organs and the muscle-skeletal system are also aging inside. Aging is part of being human, and it is inevitable, but when aging comes too early, there are underlying reasons for it to happen.

With aging comes the fact that organs start to not work correctly, and it can have a domino effect as one failing organ causes the other to start not functioning as well. The aging process can begin prematurely if our muscle-skeletal system becomes debilitated due to inactivity or sedentary life. QuickHIT high-intensity training can prevent premature aging by keeping our muscle-skeletal system strong.

What Causes Premature Aging?

Exterior factors attack our bodies daily. According to PubMed; UV radiation, air pollution, smoking, airborne particles, synthetic chemicals, and preservatives added to our food can attack our cells on a DNA level, causing damage to them. Some of these factors can be avoided; some cannot.

In addition to outside factors, WebMD explains that aging comes down to DNA damage and the capability to regenerate itself, making it clear that cell regeneration is the most critical point in the fight against premature aging. Another study published by PubMed on inactivity found that when muscles are not active, they can lead the body to premature aging and deterioration.

Furthermore, The American Society for Nutrition explains that inactivity can influence our bodies into chronic diseases related to metabolic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. Decreased muscle protein synthesis due to lack of activity can directly affect muscle vitality causing it to start the aging process. The ASN also adds that aerobic and resistance exercises will enhance muscle health so essential to keep the body’s metabolism system healthy.

QuickHIT Training Can Reverse Premature Aging

Not only does QuickHIT high-intensity training help prevent premature aging, but it can also reverse it in the first stages. The Mayo Clinic Research Center confirmed in a study that high-intensity training could change the aging process in adults. We all know that exercising is good, but we do not understand why it is good. QuickHIT high-intensity training influences the cell metabolism of the muscle causing it to become stronger, and it also increases cellular function that decreases with age. QuickHIT Training directly enhances the cardio and respiratory system, meaning more blood is delivered on a molecular level to help with cell regeneration.

Choosing to live an inactive life does not only affect our health and accelerates the aging process in our bodies; but also, the results and costs of a sedentary life can be high, health-wise and financially wise. For the ones that choose to lead sedentary lives; they end up having higher medical bills, higher work-related income losses due to health-related issues, and a shorter life expectancy.

In conclusion, if aging is inevitable, we should aim for a successful aging process, meaning, doing everything we can to age healthily. The choice of starting a training program at QuickHIT Fitness could mean the difference between aging but still being independent and with our mobility intact or aging with chronic diseases and limited movement capability. If you want to change your life for the better, make a point for yourself to implement effective, once-a-week, 20-minute workouts at QuickHIT into your life as your high-intensity training program. For more information about our high-intensity training program, contact us today!