One of the biggest barriers that people face when trying to achieve their fitness goals is frustration. It’s disheartening to put your all into your workouts and nutrition, only to see the scale remain stagnant, or your reflection in the mirror appear the same as it did three weeks ago. As anyone who has been in this position knows, it is all too easy to get disappointed and lose some of your motivation.

But, just because you aren’t seeing changes in your physique or on the scale does not mean that these changes aren’t happening. Oftentimes, changes to your health happen below the surface, or so subtly that they are not apparent when you look at yourself in the mirror on a daily basis.

Track Your Progress With QuickHIT’s Body Composition Kiosks

To help you keep track of your progress, we have body composition kiosks in every QuickHIT Fitness Labs location. Not only do these kiosks measure your body composition (body fat percentage and muscle mass), but they also measure your weight with a highly accurate medical grade scale. Plus, the advanced device measures your blood pressure, which most people are unable to do in their own homes. Blood pressure is one of the major health improvements that can result from exercise but can easily be overlooked when measuring “success” in fitness. Sometimes the improvement is so great that people can stop taking their medication.

Our wellness kiosks provide a more advanced method of tracking your health and fitness progress. Each time you visit us at QuickHIT Fitness Labs, we will take your measurements and enter the data into your online account. Not only will you be able to accurately check your progress during each visit, but you can access the information anytime, anywhere by logging into your account.

Sometimes, the results of the testing may not be what you had hoped for. While this is certainly disappointing, it also can help make you and your trainer aware of what changes need to be made to your exercise and nutrition plans. This helps you stay on track with your goals and continually tweak your routine to keep improving.

You can also think of the kiosk measurements as an accountability check. If you have not been sticking with your workouts or diet, it will show in the test results. This accountability factor can motivate you to make good choices every day with your fitness and nutrition.

Achieve an Efficient and Effective Workout at QuickHIT Fit

At QuickHIT Fitness Labs, you get much more than just test results. Our team of professional trainers provides one-on-one training to ensure you have a highly effective workout each time you visit us. If you are serious about improving your health and want to have the data to prove it, sign up for a workout at QuickHIT Fitness Labs.