1. A woman floats in a pool, looking relaxed and happy. Photo by Haley Phelps.

    5 Easy Ways To Practice Wellness This Summer

    The first summer to follow the global wave of COVID-19 will undoubtedly be like any we’ve experienced before. With vacations, sleepaway camps, international travel, and more put on hold for the foreseeable future, it’s all too easy to feel worried about our health, but that doesn’t mean you sh…Read More

  2. picture of a DNA double helix in black and white color. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

    Epigenetics And Set Point Theory: The DNA-Body Weight Connection

    If you’re familiar with the Set Point Theory, it’s likely due to the research you’ve conducted on your own body composition. This theory suggests that every person has a unique internal “thermostat” responsible for the regulation of our weight and fat-to-muscle ratio. While there is consid…Read More

  3. A man bends over to recover from muscle fatigue during a workout. Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

    Understanding the Different Causes of Muscle Fatigue

    Muscle fatigue is a common sensation to experience after a hard workout or resistance training session, but when it persists, this may indicate a sign of an underlying condition or issue with your training regimen. Whether you’re a hardcore athlete or just starting off on your fitness journey, it…Read More

  4. A woman holds a plank position on a yoga mat. Photo by Form on Unsplash.

    Stay Fit During Self-Quarantine With At-Home Workouts

    In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, stay-at-home orders have been issued by governmental officials almost as swiftly as many “nonessential” businesses, like gyms, have been forced to close up shop indefinitely. The closure of fitness and health facilities has left many ind…Read More

  5. Coronavirus photo. Photo by CDC on Unsplash.

    Prevent COVID-19 With HIT

    The COVID-19 coronavirus is making populations around the world fear for their health and wellbeing, but there’s no need to panic. There are plenty of steps you can take to improve your immune system response and to prevent the spread of further infections. It’s as simple as keeping your body in…Read More

  6. One man gives a fist bump to another after completing a workout together. Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash.

    4 Reasons Personal Training Is Worth It

    Working with a personal trainer can take your fitness to the next level, but many people see it as an unnecessary expense and a time-consuming activity. Given the valuable benefits you’ll see from working with a one-on-one coach, however, it’s easy to see that the energy you put into the trainin…Read More

  7. A blackberry fruit salad in a bowl next to green matcha latte in a blue mug. Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash.

    Essential Supplements for Your Workout

    A regular exercise routine is one of the best habits you can establish to protect your health. However, many people can forget that in order to reap the maximum benefits of a fitness regimen, it is equally necessary to develop healthy eating habits. But even if you try to eat well and exercise often…Read More

  8. A close up photo of various fruits and vegetables next to a bottle of water. Photo by Vitalii Pavlyshynets on Unsplash.

    How Epigenetics Is Connected to Nutrition

    Epigenetics and nutrition are two commonly studied areas of health and wellness, but most people don’t consider the ways in which they overlap with one another. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at each of these subjects before exploring how they actually have more in common than you migh…Read More

  9. A group of women doing yoga. Photo by Bruce Mars for Unsplash.

    Why Bodyweight Training Is Trending In 2020

    Ah, 2020. The start of a new year, the beginning of a decade, the end of a workout routine — wait, what? Yes, that's right. Put away your kettle-bells and free weights and Bosu balls. You won't be needing any equipment to get in a great workout, thanks to one of the latest and greatest trends in t…Read More