When it comes to working out and exercising, establishing a consistent routine can help you stay on the right track to achieving your fitness goals. But sometimes, a workout routine can become a little too, well, routine. When you continuously follow the same routine over and over again, the less challenging the workouts will be for your muscles, and the less it will do for your overall fitness goals. 

Signs It’s Time To Change Your Workout Routine

When designing a fitness program to follow, it is important to incorporate variation into your routine. This means you should not be doing the same exercises every time you hit the gym. Instead, you need to be switching up your workouts, even if it’s in the smallest ways: small increases in the amount of weight you use, the time spent doing a particular exercise or activity, and the number of reps you pump out in a set — there are plenty of ways to change up your workout routine. One of the main concepts behind constantly switch up your workouts to prevent your muscles from getting “used to” the workout, and thus continue to get stronger, is often referred to as muscle confusion; read more about it here.

If you’ve found yourself in a bit of an exercise rut, or are noticing that your routine is not effective as it used to be, don’t sweat. In this blog, we’ll share some signs that it’s time to shake things up so that you can remain consistent and enthusiastic about your fitness and well-being. 

You’re Not Getting The Results You Expected

While your workout routine will not give you instant results, you may have to change up things up if you’ve been working out for months and aren’t seeing any results. Over time, your body adapts to the same exercises and you reach a plateau, and you will stop seeing gains. Try adding a little variety and changing the structure of your workout. As mentioned, you can increase reps, weights, speed, distance, and intensity or you can try a totally different activity.

You’re Getting Bored With Your Workouts

You know the feeling. You’re in the locker room and start your workout. It takes everything in your power just to begin. Why? Typically, it’s because you have become bored with your workout. A big part of sticking to regular workouts is enjoying what you’re doing. Once that enjoyment is gone, motivation is sure to take a plunge. From trying a new activity to adding a slight increase to the weights you work out with, change can help keep workout journey interesting and engaging.

You’re Workouts Are Not As Challenging Anymore

When you first start working out or try a new routine, it’s likely quite challenging. However, the body has an amazing way of adapting to the same workout routine. Over time, the workouts and exercises you do repeatedly tend to become easier. If you find that your current workout routine is no longer challenging, it’s time to up the intensity. Add some HIT (High-IntensityTraining) to your normal cardio routine or increase your weights to put more focus on strength.

You’re Workouts Leave You Feeling Tired and Sore

Working out should give you an increase in energy, not leave you feeling drained and rundown. If your workout routine leaves you feeling overly tired and perpetually sore, you may be overtraining. Your body needs enough time to recover.

During recovery time, your body can build strength and endurance by allowing your muscles to rebuild and repair. Without giving your body an ample amount of recovery time, it is possible to become weaker rather than stronger. If you happen to overtrain your body, rest should be your first priority. You may need a few days to a week off to allow your muscles to properly recover. Plus, taking some time off will be nice if you have been getting bored with your routine. Once you are feeling better, both physically and mentally, start back slowly. Reevaluate your workout program and find ways to make changes that will prevent overtraining. 

You’re Workout Goals Have Changed

It is not very common for people to adjust their workouts to meet their new fitness goals. For example, once you have met your fat loss goal, you may want to put your focus on building muscle and increasing your strength. The workout routine you followed for losing weight won’t help with your new goal of building strength and muscle. If you adjust your fitness goals, make sure to make any adjustments to your routine to accommodate them. Setting goals is a great way to maintain consistency in your workouts.

Changing up your workout routine whenever you notice these signs will help keep your motivation high as you work to improve your fitness level. Be sure to pay close attention to how you’re feeling both physically and mentally. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore that you dread or something you get bored with, but rather something that makes you feel good about yourself!

Change Your Workout Routine At QuickHIT Fitness Labs

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This will allow your body to receive the time it needs to rest and recover so that you will be able to build muscle and increase strength. Each time you visit a QuickHIT fitness lab, your workout will slightly be more intense to ensure you are doing the same exact thing over and over again.