A woman floats in a pool, looking relaxed and happy. Photo by Haley Phelps.

The first summer to follow the global wave of COVID-19 will undoubtedly be like any we’ve experienced before. With vacations, sleepaway camps, international travel, and more put on hold for the foreseeable future, it’s all too easy to feel worried about our health, but that doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged about your ability to practice the wellness habits you typically would during this season.

There are many ways to practice personal wellness and healthy habits, even amidst a pandemic. In this article, we’ll review 5 simple but significant ways that you can maintain a commitment to wellness during these trying times. 

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Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Although some national parks and recreational outdoor facilities are still closed, many natural spaces and open areas are still available for your personal enjoyment. Studies show that even just a few minutes of sunlight per day can dramatically improve your sense of well-being by increasing your body’s levels of “feel-good” neurotransmitters, boosting its vitamin and mineral absorption, and even reducing your likelihood of illness and cancer. Whether you’re drawn to Chippewa Falls for a trail walk or you’d rather spend your day boating on Lake Wissota, there is no shortage of amusing and invigorating ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Eau Claire. 

Commit to Mindfulness And Meditation

If the COVID-19 pandemic has been good for anything, perhaps it is the increased amount of free time that quarantine sanctions have afforded. With more time spent by ourselves or with fewer people than usual, we have more time to slow down and simply reflect on who we are, what we value, and the ways in which we perceive the world. 

Mindfulness meditation is a common wellness practice that allows you to reflect on yourself without fear of judgment and without any expectations. If you’re not familiar with the concept of mindfulness meditation, here’s a simple exercise to get you started:

  1. Maintaining proper upright posture, sit on the ground in a comfortable position. Use a cushion or mat if needed.
  2. Center your attention on the way your body feels against the gravity of the floor, pressing your hands downward to increase your awareness of its resistance.
  3. Once you feel “grounded” and calm, close your eyes and begin breathing deeply in a relaxed yet controlled manner. Pause briefly between your inhales and exhales, but do not intentionally hold your breath.
  4. Reopening your eyes but maintaining some conscious awareness of your breath, take note of five things that stimulate your senses in some way, such as sounds, smells, textures, or colors.
  5. Do not judge your thoughts or interpretations of these sensory stimuli, but instead try to remain objective and accepting of what comes through your mind.  
  6. End the mindfulness session by returning to step 3, closing your eyes and refocusing your attention on your breathing and your feeling of groundedness
  7. When you are ready, open your eyes, stand up, and go on with your day. You might find that you feel more tranquil and energized than before!

Be Social, Be Sensible

Socializing is a major part of personal wellness, but physical distancing guidelines have made this difficult — if not impossible — to do. Fortunately, this summer Eau Claire has already seen diminished case numbers and slowly lifting sanctions, so rest assured that there are still ways to engage in face-to-face interactions with family and friends without breaching 6-feet-apart guidelines. 

When it comes to dining with friends and family, try to choose homes or restaurants that have ample table space to accommodate sufficient distance between yourself and your neighbor. Or better yet, organize a picnic in a park and have guests bring their own blankets!

As for socializing in a more recreational setting, your options are relatively extensive, even when adhering to coronavirus criteria. For instance, If you enjoy running or walking, get together a small group of friends to meet up for weekly or biweekly cardio sessions. Alternatively, if you’re a golfer, consider that you can easily maintain social distancing standards when you and your pals each use your own cart on the fairway. 

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter how you choose to spend time with loved ones, whether it’s through a video chat, a phone call, an outdoor adventure, or a small get-together. At the end of the day (and the end of the epidemic) what’s most important is your own personal wellness and health. 

“HIIT” Up A Fitness Lab Near You

Our last tip for maintaining wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic is one you might not have considered: HIIT workouts! You may be wondering how to participate in high-intensity interval training when most gyms are closed or extremely limited in terms of capacity — but QuickHIT Fitness Lab isn’t your typical gym. 

QuickHIT offers one-on-one resistance training sessions rather than a community-style gym layout, so we can safely stay open this summer and continue providing our scientifically based strength-building programs. QuickHIT Fitness Labs offer professional services in super-slow high-intensity training, a form of weight-bearing exercise that can increase overall muscle tone, boost metabolism, and even prevent bone conditions like osteoporosis. We use a biomedical training machine to safely and efficiently give you a total-body workout in just 20 minutes. 

Not only is super-slow HIT a great timesaver — only two to three 20-minutes sessions per week are needed for optimal results — but the weights on our biomedical training machines are entirely customizable and adjustable to suit your individual needs and physical abilities, providing you with optimized results as well as ensuring your safety. Stay fit and maintain your wellness throughout this pandemic by scheduling your free consultation in Eau Claire now!

At QuickHIT Fitness Labs, your wellness is our number-one priority. As mentioned, we are open during these uncertain times, but rest assured that we have taken all precautions and implemented all procedures to keep clients and staff safe from harm. For more information on our high-intensity training, nutritional supplements, and the science behind our top-rated fitness programs, please visit our website or contact us at QuickHIT today!