There’s nothing worse than spending hours in the gym each week, only to feel that you are not making any progress towards your fitness and physique goals. Sometimes, it even feels like your body looks worse than it did before, despite pushing yourself in the gym.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this frustrating situation, you’re not alone. Many people, even experienced gym-goers, can fall victim to popular, yet not entirely true, exercise myths. Incorporating these false principles into your fitness routine can render your workouts ineffective despite how hard you push yourself. Read on to learn about the top three reasons why your workouts may not be working out, and you may be surprised that some of the fitness rules you’ve been following are actually fitness myths.

You’re Overtraining

You may think that with exercise, it’s “the more, the better.” But in fact, when it comes to reaching your fitness goals and maintaining them, less is actually more.

Most people don’t realize how important recovery time is in order to build muscle mass and keep it on. During a good and challenging workout, you make small tears in your muscles, known as “microtears.” The process of repairing these microtears is actually what allows you to get stronger. But if you do not give yourself adequate time to recover in between workouts, there is no time for your muscles to repair themselves, and you will not see any of the gains that you have been working so hard for. If you’re pushing yourself and working your muscles to their maximum potential, as you will during every workout at QuickHIT Fitness Labs, you need even more time to let your muscles recover. This means you can see great results while only going to the gym once or twice a week!

Another reason rest time is essential is to avoid overworking your mind. If you are dragging yourself to the gym every day, you are much more likely to get burnt out and give up on your fitness goals. This is especially true if you are not making as much progress as you hoped for. Giving yourself some much-deserved rest time after every workout gives both your muscles and your mind the time they need to recover and prepare for your next workout.

You’re Stuck in a Routine

Going to the gym and trying something new can be intimidating — no one wants to look silly at the gym! But, sticking to the same routine for years on end will not help you reach your goals.  When you do the same workout over and over again, whether it be a three-mile treadmill run or a weight lifting circuit, you’re going to get really good at it. But even if the workout was effective at first, at a certain point your body will stop responding to it and you’ll stop seeing any changes to your physique.

Our bodies acclimate to exercise pretty quickly. We get used to the movements and level of activity, and the workout that we’ve been doing for the last six months is no longer a challenge. When we stop challenging ourselves, we stop getting stronger.

To continually improve your fitness, you need to continually challenge your body. Doing the same workout, at the same level of intensity, over and over again, is not a challenge. A QuickHIT Fitness Labs high-intensity training workout is always a challenge, thanks to our super-slow style of training and top-of-the-line equipment that works your muscles against resistance with every movement. Our unique resistance and muscular strength exercises work your muscles to failure during every workout — there is no way to get through a QuickHIT Fitness Labs workout without challenging yourself! That means that you will continue to get stronger, no matter how many years you’ve been working out with us.

You’re Trying to “Spot Treat”

Most people have one or two “problem areas” on their body that they would love to change more than any other area. Unfortunately, there is no way to specifically target a specific area of your body for weight loss, despite what the persistent exercise myth will have you believe.

Trying to lose weight in one specific area of the body will never work, and trying to do so often leads to disappointment. Focusing all of your energy on one part of your body can also distract you from noticing progress in other areas, and make you more likely to get frustrated and give up on your workout when you think that it “isn’t working.”

Letting go of this one-track mind is one of the best things you can do for you health and fitness. When you stop obsessing over one body part, you open the door for total-body fitness. This does not mean that you give up on your goals for your “problem areas,” but rather that you shift your focus to getting stronger throughout your entire body, problem areas included.

Ready for the Most Effective Workout Out There?

At QuickHIT Fitness Labs, our trainers guide you through workouts that strengthen your whole body and continually challenge your muscles so that you achieve your fitness goals — and you can still take plenty of rest days. If you are ready for a challenging, effective, and efficient workout routine, schedule your next session with us online.