What is the Body Weight Set Point Theory?

Feeling like your body hovers around a certain number on the scale — even after cleaning up your diet or ramping up your workouts — can certainly cause some frustration. No matter how hard you work, it seems like you cannot move down from that number on the scale. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one this happens to. In fact, many people wonder why it is so difficult to lose weight, let alone keep it off. So why is it so hard for you to lose weight? It could be due to the body weight set point theory.

What Is The Body Weight Set Point Theory?

Your body’s weight set point is the homeostatic number that your body prefers to stay at. The theory suggests that your body will fight to maintain a specific weight and body fat range that is firmly regulated by your genetics and is something that you have little control over it.

The set point weight of your body could be a result of evolution. However, it could also come down to simple design mechanisms of the human body that aren’t easily biddable to change. Many factors influence your body’s weight set point, from diets and physical activity levels to genetics and your hormone profile. In order to maintain a stable internal environment, your body is constantly working to adjust hormone and energy levels, temperature, and more. Therefore, just as your body starts sweating to cool you off when running, it also may begin to hold onto fuel when you cut calories and intensify your workout.

How To Change Your Body Weight Set Point

When it comes to changing your body weight set point, raising it –all it takes is chronic overfeeding– is much easier than lowering it. But, it is important to know that lowering your body set weight is possible. Let’s review some of the best ways to lower your body weight set point.

Try Losing At Least A Half-Pound Each Week

What most people don’t realize that fad diets promising quick fixes aren’t just uncomfortable and unsustainable, they aren’t very effective. The more rapid or drastic changes brought by these diets cause your body to fight back even more. Instead of drastically losing weight, it is recommended to lose a half pound to a pound each week. While it may take a while, this approach will prevent your body from wanting to fight its way back to its weight set point. When your body gets the food it needs to properly function, or even a little bit less than what it’s used to, it will be more likely to release the extra energy needed to burn fat. This not only helps you lose weight, but it also helps keep it off long-term. 

Try To Lose Weight In Phases

According to research, it is a good idea to try to lose five to ten percent of your body weight. It is theorized that losing more than 10 percent of your body weight can cause it to fight its way back to its weight set point and make it more challenging to lose weight. To avoid the chances of this happening, work on losing weight in phases. For instance, say your weight loss goal is to drop 20 pounds. Set that five percent goal and then try to maintain your new weight for six months before starting another weight loss cycle. Following this weight loss approach will not only allow your body to adjust to the new weight, but it will give you a psychological break from dieting. While it does take time, you must learn and adapt your body to healthy eating and physical activity habits in order to maintain weight loss

Log Your Calorie Intake

Tracking what you eat is a tried and true strategy for successful weight loss. While monitoring your calorie intake can help you identify whether or not you are overeating, it is a good idea to look at your macronutrient breakdown. When it comes to weight loss approaches, one of the biggest things people tend to forget about is protein. Be sure to amp up your protein intake so that your body spends more energy digesting it compared to gaining calories from fat and carbs.

Workout At QuickHIT Fit

Getting your body weight set point where you want it to be is not that easy. In addition to eating right, you need to follow a proper workout routine to get the results you desire. Our effective resistance training workouts will help you shred fat, build muscle, and lower your body’s weight set point. You only need to do our 20 minute workouts once or twice a week to get the results you desire.

These are just a few of the many ways you can lower your body weight set point. If you are interested in learning more about body set points or want to sign up for a free session at QuickHIT Fitness Labs, contact us today!

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